The Great British Bake Off Experiment

Hi Everyone, I’m back! I have taken the worlds longest hiatus which actually included trying to permanently delete this blog but you can probably tell that was rather unsuccessful and I must add I’m actually quite pleased about that.

Since my last post 8 months ago I can confirm that I have baked… once. Which is rather fucking shameful considering I’m trying to create a baking based blog. You see I tend to be the kind of person who gets really excited about something for a really short amount of time and then I get bored and move on to the next thing.

Lets see, during the last 8 months I have taken up exercise, quit exercise, tried to create a make up YouTube channel, quit the channel, tried to create a healthy eating Instagram, quit the Instagram, tried writing a novel, deleted the novel, tried making a true crime podcast, gave up on the podcast, you sense a theme yet…? All of these were pretty big projects that I was so passionate about for approximately 2 weeks and then I got bored, or it got hard, or I felt embarrassed so I gave up.

But here I am again, 8 months later the same old me plus the extra weight of 10lbs and a Standard Poodle Puppy, but honestly… I couldn’t be happier!

So, the reason I bring you all here today is because I would finally like to start something and stick to it. As we all know the Great British Bake Off is starting tonight, we now have a good stretch of time leading up to Christmas where we can take 1 hour a week to drink wine, eat cake and just relax, forget about how gloomy the world is right now and focus on something completely pure that makes us all feel good.

I have decided this year that I would like to bake alongside the bake off. Each week I will pick one challenge from the episode and will re-create it with my own twist and post it to this blog. Now I warn you, I am a good baker but I am not great, I am definitely not the standard of those on the TV show, otherwise I would have applied for the TV show. However that does not matter, the point of this is to a) have a bit of fun b) improve my baking skills and c) improve my confidence.

Once I have published my bake of the week on here I want you all to put on your finest Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith or Mary Berry (depending on your BBC/Channel 4 preference) mask on to be by judges.

Right, now I have made my announcement we just need to wait and see what they bake this week. wish me luck and see you on the other side! *fingers crossed not souffle, fingers crossed not souffle, fingers crossed not souffle*

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